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44 remote jobs about medical coding in June 2021.

Coder - Charge Auditor

Cardiology E-M and Procedure Coder

Auditor, DRG Coding and Clinical Validation

Coders, Physician

Evaluation and Management Hospitalist Medical Coder

Medical Coder

Orthopedic Surgery and E-M QA Specialist - ProFee

Quality Assurance I, Clinical Ops - Risk Coding

Inpatient Coder

Coding AR Analyst, Primary Care

Auditor, Outpatient Coding and Clinical Validation

Inpatient Coder

Hospital Coder

Medical Coder

Multi-Specialty Coder - Per Diem

Coding Specialist

Denials Management Coding Specialist

Medical Coder ICD 10

Clinical Administrative Coordinator

Inpatient Facility Medical Coding Specialist

Inpatient Coder

Coding Specialist – Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery

Coders, Anesthesia

Facility Coder - Inpatient

Coding Consultant Inpatient 3

Coders, Physician Pro Fee Surgical

Medical Coding Specialist, Military Treatment Facilities, Depart of Defense

Coding Auditor

Code Edit Support Team Medical Coding Coordinator

Coding Project Manager

Outpatient Coding Auditor

Medical Coder

Coding Team Lead

Remote Coder, Inpatient

Coding Auditor, Inpatient

Certified Coder

Risk Adjustment Coding Senior Associate

Ambulatory Coder

Health Information Management Senior Associate

EKG Coder

Medical Coding Auditor, Trainer

Clinical Coder

PRN Coding Consultant Inpatient 3

Inpatient Coder

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