Why this opportunity exists

Impala is on a mission to transform the travel industry, we need incredibly talented and relentlessly inventive new team members to help us do so. We’re growing quickly now.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• You have an affinity towards creating a delightful and streamlined experience for all. • You have a strong internal compass towards developing Diversity and Equity and have a progressive approach towards embedding this into processes. • You are excited about building a pipeline of first-class talent for a wide range of roles. • You’re interested in, and capable of, helping design and build an attractive and unique employer brand. • You think reducing time to hire is an interesting challenge. • You’re a wizard at screening candidates and strategically building a candidate profile. • You’re experienced in sourcing techniques and have proven experience sourcing technical and senior roles. • You’re relentlessly inventive, hyper proactive and constantly overachieving, and you appreciate those qualities in teammates. • You’re patient and determined in helping empower hiring managers to be their best interviewer-selves. • You have strong opinions, which you’re happy to have your mind changed on. You’re happy to acquire business context and you aren’t set in specific ways of recruiting. • You possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. • You are exceptionally organized, efficient and proactive.

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent Challenges

• As a Talent Acquisition Manager you will be integral to scaling the company, by helping us attract exceptional talent and maintain our culture as we scale, all whilst ensuring a delightful candidate experience and creating an incredibly sleek, empowering process. • There will also be tonnes of space for design thinking, creativity, autonomy, and developing your skills.

About the organization(s)

• Impala is making the process of booking hotel rooms ridiculously easy. We’re providing hotels with a powerful data distribution infrastructure that transforms the way hotel guests across the world browse, book, stay, and play. Think Twilio for Travel. • We launched our original API product in January 2019 and since then have grown at - quite frankly - a ridiculous old clip. Our technology is already installed in hundreds of hotels worldwide, on six continents and categorizes more than 1 billion data points. This has allowed us to bring forward our ambition to revolutionize the hotel distribution market and help empower millions of people across the globe. • We are a growing remote-first team of exceptional people split across engineering, product and commercial that has built a thriving, active, supportive community.

Team culture

• We are a remote-first company, our whole engineering team is fully distributed! This was a very deliberate choice to prioritise work-life balance and ensure we’re able to accommodate the best people in Europe, whilst fostering diversity.

Additional details

• This is a remote position. This means you can work from anywhere +/- 2 Hours of London timezone (and less than a 3-hour flight). • Please note, we only accept candidates in Western Europe because of timezone and travel time differences. We make no exceptions (we don’t have time to!).

Additional benefits

• We give you an additional generous Personalised Workspace Budget for things like monitors, keyboards, desk chairs and headphones.• We offer an office stipend - you can furnish your home office with a generous £150 monthly stipend (coffee, snacks, wifi bills, cleaning, desk equipment, plus anything in between) or we will pay for a co-working membership near where you live.• We have a dedicated Remote Experience Manager in the team, whose role is, among other things, to ensure your happiness, and help you integrate and be empowered whilst working remotely.• You’ll have a generous Social Budget to travel to London based social events.• We will give you a brand new high-spec laptop when you start, giving you the choice between a Thinkpad or Mac.• We reward Impalans with the most competitive salaries and regular reviews. Whether you’re an individual contributor or you want to manage people, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and boost your earning potential. We offer 3.5x the average annual UK raise, even if you remain within the same role.• You’ll have a dedicated Remote Experience Manager and get to be involved in our unique Pop Up Parties. Agreement type