Why this opportunity exists

Our mission is to enable everyone to work from home and take advantage of these benefits. To accomplish this mission, we’ve built HoloMeeting, a remote collaboration solution for Mixed Reality. Our solutions are already being used by large enterprise clients and we are looking for more adventurers to join us on our quest. We are looking for a highly motivated computer vision/3D graphics expert to join us in our mission to transform how humans work and collaborate together in Mixed Reality. In this role, you are responsible for developing Real Time Avatars solution to augment HoloMeeting. You will be involved into prototyping and further development of production quality real time rendering of 3D animated humans created from a video stream captured with a RGBD camera.


• Working on algorithmic solutions • Development of real time 3D human pose reconstruction and animation software solutions (data cloud fusion, kinematics, texturing and rendering) • Testing and code refactoring • Work on solution performance optimization • Developing unit tests

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Strong C++ programming skills, software design patterns • Solid knowledge of general computer science algorithms • Solid knowledge of computer graphics approaches and algorithms • Experience in one or more of the following fields: image processing, computer graphics, computer vision • Solid math background - linear algebra, optimization methods, computational geometry • Understanding of procedural animation pipeline Preferred: • Fluent English, written and verbal • Good communication skills • Team player • Ability to work independently and proactively on a task • Some knowledge of Python or C# • Familiarity with OpenCV, PCL • Ideally experience with creating solutions for procedural humans pose detection • Experience with procedural facial animation • Experience with C++ 11 and higher, MS Visual Studio, Jira, git • PhD in CS, Math, Physics

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent Career path

• 3+ years software development experience in 3D computer graphics/animation related domain (3D humans pose detection, video gaming, 3D CAD/CAM, image processing) • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Math or Physics

About the organization(s)

• HoloMeeting is a remote collaboration solving the problem of remote collaboration. • Using HoloMeeting, you can collaborate across geographical boundaries while it feels like you are in the same physical room. • Draw with colleagues in a remote workspace and communicate using real-time spatial sound. technology. • Personalised avatars allow you to engage with colleagues or clients seamlessly. • Take control of the 3D workspace and collaborate and communicate efficiently and intuitively with a host of Mixed Reality features.

Team culture

• We believe that ensuring diversity and inclusion will produce a better place to work and a better product. We encourage all candidates to apply.

Additional details

• Work Environment • We are a startup and this job operates in a remote environment. Candidates should have flexible working hours to accommodate this role and the company growth. We do not intend to work longer than necessary, however, we are looking for people who get things done when necessary.

Additional benefits

• Upon joining the team, you will receive a company HoloLens, experience HoloMeeting for yourself and assist the team in continuous improvements• Work in a remote environment• Enjoy the flexibility of remote hours• The ability to travel • A supportive people team who cares for your professional development and has plans to prove it! Agreement type

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