Why this opportunity exists

In order to more effectively cover as many players as possible, we’re always looking to build our team with hardworking, hoops junkies who are passionate about growing the game and providing coverage to players who may not get it otherwise.


• Be in the gym. We’re all about producing articles efficiently, but there’s no substitute for being in the gym to see players live and network with the girl’s basketball community in your area. • Innovate. We encourage our writers to progress. Try new ideas. Use your autonomy. There’s not a lot of bureaucracy or yellow tape. Have an idea? Go for it. • Learn & Grow. You’re a part of the fastest growing high school basketball network in the country. Our editorial team is always sharing new ideas to help our writers come up with new, compelling ways to cover players at all levels.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Passionate. First and foremost, we’re looking for people that love the game and players at ALL levels. Do you like the next up and comer? The diamond in the rough? Perfect. So do we. • Knowledgeable & Creative. Building a baseline level of knowledge of the high school girls basketball scene in a particular market can be done through time in the gym, but having a background in the sport with established connections is a huge plus. • Self-Directed & Driven. We aren’t watchdogs and won’t be looking over your shoulder every hour to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. Care about the quality of your work. Pay attention to details. Execute with passion. • Coachable & Communicative. We’re all about independence and autonomy, but our editorial team will provide feedback to make your content as strong as possible.

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent About the organization(s)

• Prep Girls Hoops (www.prepgirlshoops.com) is the platform for high school basketball visibility. PGH has nearly 50 writers across 16 states and produces nearly 500 articles a month on girls high school and grassroots basketball. Our sister site, Prep Hoops, boasts an even bigger scale, with over 150 contributors across 31 sites.

Additional details

• We Will: • Give you what you need. Tips, tricks, and tools to make life easy for you, plus around-the-clock communication when you need it. • Challenge you. You want to be great and want to improve the quality of your work? We can help with feedback and examples to help you grow. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ • Pay you. All Prep Girls Hoops positions are paid competitively with similar jobs in the market. • Successful contributors have included current and former coaches at the prep and collegiate level, officials, journalists, and basketball enthusiasts. • Remote in Minneapolis, MN.

Agreement type

ContractorCurrency exchange and taxes to be paid by

Depends on the location of the candidate