What will your destination look like at Flyr?

As a DevOps Engineer you will work collaboratively with other DevOps professionals, members of R&D, and PM teams, to contribute to the discussion, planning, and implementation phases of team projects.

-Participate in a joint effort to provide support and constant improvements to cloud-based production environments for the cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform.
-Be engaged in the development and implementation of various infrastructure management utilities to advance all aspects of SAAS platform support.
-Exchange control management standards to provide stability of the environment and establish a smooth path of code promotion and environment updates.
-Be engaged in troubleshooting and RCA (Root Cause Analysis) efforts, utilizing logs aggregation (from numerous systems and applications of the environment) and logs analysis with command-line automation scripts and parsing tools.
-Follow the lead of the Sr. DevOps to support and maintain all layers of Dev and Staging environments for feature and integration testing of the code.
-Be responsible for a team effort to support the GCP cloud infrastructure platform and various services such as Airflow, BigQuery, and Kafka
-Follow the lead of Sr. DevOps to support development teams in the delivery of product features utilizing CI/CD, manage Docker container build processes for Dev, Staging, and Prod environments.
-Demonstrate technical expertise of the SAAS platform and will participate in automation tasks for the production environment.
-Be engaged in research and POC (Proof Of Concept) planning and execution for new technologies implementation.
-Participate in processes for building documentation collection for features of internal tools and DevOps processes.

What you can bring to this trip

-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, equivalent experience, or related field required.
-3+ years of experience working as DevOps Engineer with a focus on deployment and support of cloud-native applications services in cloud-based virtualized infrastructure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) preferred.
-2+ years of experience in container virtualization technologies and container orchestration tools and mechanisms (Kubernetes preferred).
-Expert in virtualization of dynamic microservices-based applications and infrastructure components deployment processes (Docker, Helm, Spinnaker).
-Deep knowledge of infrastructure in Linux-based environments (systems, networking, storage, and services concepts).
-Expert in cloud infrastructure support and troubleshooting of web servers, load balancers, traffic routing, and shaping. Solid experience with GCP is preferred, AWS and Azure are a plus.
-Extensive knowledge of infrastructure configuration automation and concepts of IAC (Infrastructure As a Code), Terraform is preferred.
-Experience with CI/CD pipelines
-Proficiency in Python
-Solid understanding of git-based SCM
-Strong writing and oral communication skills.


• Equity in Series B startup with high growth potential
• Comprehensive healthcare plans (Choice of PPO & HMO available)
• 401K with company match
• Generous PTO policy and paid holidays
• Flexible working arrangements — full-time remote eligible from anywhere in US

• Bright, modern office in excellent SoMa location
• Herman Miller chairs and Autonomous SmartDesks
• Dog-friendly Candidate Selection Process

Our Selection Process:
• Initial Screening - Active candidates are screened against the criteria listed above.
• Introductory Call - A FLYR crew member will reach out for an initial call to learn more about each other.
• Follow-up Call - A hiring manager at FLYR will have a follow-up, in-depth conversation with candidates.
• Technical Assignment/Deep Dive - A brief technical assignment touching the necessary skills listed above provided on a take-home basis to be utilized during the onsite.
• Onsite/Virtual Onsite - A series of meetings with the hiring team/team members to finalize our evaluation.
• Follow-up Call - A more in-depth call focusing more on the specifics of candidates’ finance backgrounds.